Okay to be honest, for most of these guys, I'm unsure what to call them...

We all know this is a RapoGirl. Although while in one message it's one word, another has them two seperate words.


Rapo girl

In the wiki, we call this little guy a 'RapoBoy'
However,At one point this little guy is called A'Young Rapo'
Young RapoBoy
This is also what we call the adult rapo.
Young rapo

However we shouldn't call him this because the game calls RapoBoy this.Nobody likes to be confused.

The Old Rapo, doesn't seem to have anything wrong with his name...yet.

As for the other 2 generic female rapos, I honestly think calling them the same thing as their male counterparts and adding '(Female)' to it is... (I don't know how to describe it but it just feels wrong to me...) It's just a shame that they don't have a name of their own. This is also bad because what if someone started to complain about it? (Wait isn't that what I'm doing right now?...*facepalm*)

I might have a solution.

RapoKids(RapoBoy)(RapoGirl) Adult Rapos (RapoMan)(RapoLady) Old Rapos (Old RapoMan)(Old RapoLady)

I like it, but I'm unsure of adding the 'Man' part at the end... What do you guys think of these names?

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