Hello people :DDDDDDDDDDDDD. Jowee is here! Let's begin.

So my day began as I was just lying in my cabin. I decided to wake up earlier than usual because the end of our world played on my MIMD a bit. Then there was a knock on the door.

I got it and saw Mari looking serious. Which was quite terrifying if you know Mari. And she ordered me to get out of bed.

She said we needed to hurry as the darkness was after us. So I got dressed and finished my daily routine. Then we set out to a gate at the end of the village.

She appeared to have a key for the door. So we entered and found ourselves in another village full of mikes. Non eared raposa were everywhere. So she took me to a tall cottage and knocked on the door. Mike and Heather were there. She told them that the darkness was after them to. So they took us to a secret location named the base where we would live.

I can't say where it is though.

Hope you have happy days

Jowee smith

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