Today was tough. We have no food, water, oxygen or anything. We are starving and crumbling to survive. The Base is still secret and I suppose we will live but still.

The mayor of the upper town has made an agreement with Wilfre. he will give us to him as long as he then takes his Shadow Army out of the village. Luckily they haven't found us yet. But the upper town's army are searching.

Wilfre has assembled the most evil plan. Hes put the mega lettuce and temporalapparation in the same room. When they argue the entire place will be destroyed. The Mayor is trying to find us quicker so Wilfre can do his plans elsewhere with us.

We have to escape this place but how? As Soon as we leave the mayor will find us and give us to Wilfre. There has to be some way to do this.....

Jowee Smith 11/10/14

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