Today was even worse than the last. Well it began quite well or at least I thought it did? But the things went downhill.

Mari introduced the "survival plan" of how to get food, water and shelter (which we already have). 

She says we only needed three meals a day, enough water and a house. To get three meals a day seemed tough. If you knew where the base was you would agree. There's no good supplies nearby.

Wilfred appears to be in a jolly mood. Because he's just introduced a new law. He is going to kidnap villagers of our human town until he locates us. He says if they find us and give us to him he will leave the village.

Hunters are trying to find us all over the place. Im unsure whether they will. Thing is we have to save the town somehow. But to do that we'll have to risk ourselves. We've agreed to just stay Down here though

wishing you the best

Mike mikeson

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