Dear Reader

Hello. My Name Is Mike. You All Know Me. Im Writing This Blog Post From The "Base" As Me And Jowee Call It.

Im Just Here Today To Sum Up Any Leftover Questions Anybody Might Have Such As: Why We Are, What We're Doing Here, And How Come Were Here.

It Began With The End Of Our World. This However Of Course Didn't Effect Me As I Woke Up Safe And Sound.

There Was However An Escape Plan For Some Raposa To Come And Live In The Real World. This Contained Jowee, Mari, Heather And Circi.

When They Came Me And My Sister Lived In The Base Together. Soon The Raposa Came And Asked To Stay With Us. I Couldn't Express My Gratitude For Them. So I Allowed Them To Stay.

The Base Is A Location In The World We Live In I However Wont Give Out Details As We Wish To Live Here Privately With No Distractions.

All The Raposa Are Gathered Here. However Due To Many Issues We Are Going To Stay In The Wiki For A Bit Until The Problems Which Harmed the Base Are Over.

Kind Regards Mike Mikeson

If They Cuold

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