• Redblueyellow

    New here...

    August 23, 2012 by Redblueyellow

    Thought I'd make a quick blog to say a little bit about why I'm here (and get the medal, of course :P)

    I first stopped by this wiki as a reference for DTL information when I was ripping from Drawn to Life. When I started ripping from the sequel a few months ago, I noticed that there were no complete "let's plays" on Youtube and not all of the characters were on the wiki. I decided to postpone ripping from the game, and last week I noticed a lot of progress on pages dedicated to the sequel.

    Anyways, since I'll be ripping all of the characters, enemies and bosses from Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter by the end of this week, I thought that while I'm at it I might as well contribute what I can. :)

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