The plan

I'm on a mission to continue our beloved game's story. The story never has to end, but it does end when no one tells it. So we must continue the story in some manor, but also make the story from the games availbe in more than one format to make it last longer(won't be forgotten). Fan stories/games are as canon and if not meaningful as the stories that started it all, but the stories must connect and move forward, rather than repeating itself. 



Mike's departure

  • What happened to the Raposa after Mike left? 
  • What's the difference between the creator and player?

Notable Fact

Character Location(Last seen)
Player ...(The player's last scripted action)
"Creator" ...(The creator's last actions and words)


In a hospital bed at "earth?"
Mike(RAP world) ?Standing next to the Eternal Flame?


Standing next to the Eternal Flame
Mari Standing next to the Eternal Flame
Heather Standing next to the Eternal Flame
  • Wilfre possessed a scepter that was found by Heather in a treasure chest at the beginning of the DS version of "The Next Chapter."
  • It appears the same treasure chest that appeared in the second game(wii ver. gotta mention) was the same one Heather found in the DS game.

Story telling Platforms/mediums

  • Visual: Video, still image,
  • Audio: Audio drama, Let's read,
  • Performed: Live action, theater,
  • Interactive: Controlled by multiple "authors",
  • Choice based: Video games,
  • Script: Follows one story,
  • Community: Create a world based of the series where many can live in it,
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