Because people have been misusing categories, I'm going to show you when to use a category, and when not to.

So, you want to add a page to a category? Okay, but is it any of the following:

  • a category named after a character? (like the "Wilfre" category we've had floating around in limbo since forever)
  • a category that can only apply to very few pages, or is too specific?
  • a category that is spelt incorrect or you're not sure if it is the correct spelling?
  • a category that is a concept that already exists under a different name?

If you said yes to any of these, don't do it.

- Character specific categories are definitely not needed. If the character is important to another, there should be a link between the two on their pages. Everyone does not need to be in the category of someone else - so Circi doesn't belong in a category named "Wilfre" and Jowee does not belong in a category named "Mari." If we continued doing this, we would have an endless supply of small categories that don't serve any purpose.

- If a category is too small, it is not useful. We do not need to categorize every minute detail. No matter what you think, a category under "Raposa That Dr. Cure Has Mentioned By Name" is not useful and should not be added.

- If you're not sure of the spelling, don't create it. This applies to page titles too. If you need someone to check before you publish it, ask me. My English grammar isn't as good as it could be but most of the time I can spell, and I'm online often.

- If a category already exists, don't create one with a different name for it. I shouldn't need to explain this. The only exception is if you're replacing a misspelled category - like I did with "Reccuring Characters" and "Recurring Characters."

I hope this make sense and I am not aiming this at anyone specific but it's something I see a lot and we need to quit that.

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