Ok to my team of heroes. I have assigned a plan of how we can stop Wilfre and save the Raposa. Listen closely.

Wilfre's Spaceship is bigger than you think it is. Not only that it has much more weapons and defences then you'd expect. So take no risks.

First of all when you enter you will be at the entrance. Further on from there is Wilfre's torchure room. A room where all who are in there get torchured forever more. Seeing their worst nightmares for the rest of their life.

It is powered by the Shadow Army. The Shadow Army are spread all across the ship. Taking them out one by one wont be an easy task.

So you must find their power source. And then destroy it. Then every Shadow Creature across the universe will fade.

And then the villagers are saved. Then take all the Raposa into your ship and get them out of Wilfre's lair. Then drive the ship back to the planet i have created for you all to stay in instead of the old one. As that has been wrecked.

Meanwhile the one you have chosen to survive with the Dreacher has a task. He must stay onboard Wilfre's Ship. While The Raposa Escape And Head To Their New House.

They Must Then Fight Wilfre And Defeat Him. The Ship Will Crash When This Occurs. However If We Do Not Do It Wilfre's Reign Shall Continue.

So Then Wilfre Vanishes. And You Can Live In Peace At The New Village.

Good Luck

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