Ok, so there is a chance for us to be kicked off the wiki because we roll play, mainly because a wki is not ment to be used as a roll playing site, but, if we can make a compremize, we can stay.

The main reason why this roll playing is bothering every one is because we use the blog posts WHAY more than needed, and I agree, so, my idea is that we make some rules for our selfes on what the blog posts should be used for, and they should ONLY be used for that reason, no ifs, ands, or buts. Then I guess we should find a punishment for breaking the rules.

Here is some of my ideas for ruels, you guys can makeup more if you think it's needed.

  1. no R.I.P blog posts: yes, I know, someone in our rp died and you want to pay resepct to that person, well, we shouldin't be on a blog post, though, hoppefully, no more people will die.
  2. Announcements: This is something we all kinda did, makeing a useless blog post that no one is going to answer to, exe: Wilfre's DO NOT REPLY BLOG, or my ship blog, or heather's COME EVERY RAPOSA blog.

We don't need blogs like that, if we have some thing to say than why don't we use our own message wall? Just check every one's once a day and we should be good.

In the meantime, we should prpbably should look for another home, some thing like this wiki: little to none pop-up ads, being able to make blog posts, message walls, and live chats, so that even with our comremize, the other still don't want us here, we know where we can go.

So, what do you think?

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