Hey Ppl. TML Here. With Another Bit Of Theories For You All. This week we are on Wilfre.

Throughout the series Wilfre is known to use two disguises. Salem and Sock. However are they the ONLY Disguises?

Lets Take A Look.

My First Suspect Is ZSASHA.

Zsasha is a thief who robs the Raposa's precious items. He always does the wrong thing and steals for his Raposa Presents Girl.

So Wheres My Evidence?

When Zsasha Returns Jowee's Flower He Comes Out Of The Trees At The Bottom Nearest To The Darkness.

Later In The Game When Wilfre Kills The Mayor He Comes Out Of The Same Route. The Very Same Place And The Same Route.

And Look How Wilfre Comes Out. He Litterally comes Out The Darkness. Then Strikes The Mayor.

Now Look How Zsasha Comes Out. Not Many Raposa Hang Around Those Trees. Because They Are Covered In Darkness.

Zsasha Is A Raposa. How Could He Come OUT Of The Darkness. He Would Need special shadow powers to do so.


And Our Next Bit Is About Wilfre's Normal Look And Zsasha's Normal Look. They Have The Same Raposa Fur. It Would Work If Zsasha Was Wilfre With A Mask On.

And they never appear in the SAME Room. They Are Never Seen With Each Other.

However This Is Just A Theory. It May Be Untrue It Maay BE True. Only Time Can Tell.

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