While I personally don't agree with this Dtl has been proven to have taken place somewhere in existence. For many years there has been the Alternate Dimension theory: which is that The Universe is infinite so anything has happened somewhere. This would also mean fictional games like Drawn to life took place because they are possible but unlikely events along with things like Harry Potter, Lord of The Rings etc.. Recently this theory has been proven though there wasn't much doubt in the first place seeing as it was always unlikely Humans were the only beings ever to live. That would mean Mari, Jowee, The Mayor, Heather, Wilfre, Sparky and everyone are beings. It has also been proven that they are alive today despite Mike's awakening even The Mayor. If everything is possible surely there's a place where The Mayor didn't die? And The Raposa never vanished? There is even a place where they weren't all a dream from Mike. Even you WilfrexMari fans get your way somewhere. Jowee is even the villain on another planet. This also means other fictions are real somewhere. So a third game is real and taking place somewhere. A parallel Earth where Slaczka makes dtl 3 haha.

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