So, we all know what happened in the end of tnc. Ever since then, fans have been begging for a 3rd game. However a lot have given up, along the way. Well I know what happened with 5th cell. I know why they won't make a 3rd game. I have said this many times, but with lies to make Drawn to life seem good.

Ok, so THQ are corrupt. All they want is money, and that's all they wanted from dtl. A reviewing company, called Ign are also corrupt. They do not care, what games are good, or bad. Once again, all they want is money. After Thq, and Ign met, they decided that they would pay them to give dtl a good review. They paid them, and Ign said how great it was. Dtl was unpopular, when realeased. I love dtl, but it's true. It launched, quite a lot of fans: Us,Deviantart,Fanfiction ex. However most people, hate it. So after reading Ign's review, people bought Drawn to life. Ign got hate, and after giving so many corrupt reviews, were found out. Ign are still popular, but only with the people who don't know. Then came Drawn to life: The Next chapter(s). Thq did not pay enough, so they got average reviews. 5th cell had Scribblenauts, so it was ok for them though. Now that everyone knows, how bad dtl was (In their opions), and how good Ign gave it, Drawn to life had to end. 5th cell are ok, but 505 games, I am not sure about. They can't have had "No plans", like Ta said, but I am not sure why they would buy it. Without a publishing company, that's willing enough to make it, it'll never be. But 5th cell, and 505, are obviously, working on something dtl related I guess.

You probably have a lot of hate, but this is a true story. I cannot change time.

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