So we have pages, but pretty much everyone knows the information we have, so we should have more things. Sure we can have the pages, and stuff that's cool, but yeah. So I was thinking maybe the chat? I've looked around the web, and I can see a lot of people want to talk to other fans who like dtl. I think they let contributors on chat, so it should probably work. Also maybe some contests, and projects to work on. I don't mean like, contests as in, who can draw the greatest Jowee picture (Lol) but like proper kind of entertaining contests. A project can be like, getting more Wii pages, and we can focus on that, until it is done. We pretty much have all the info, so why not add a few nutty theories btw? I mean if you could prove The Raposa lived, would people want to see it? Like Ta you want The Wii game to be canon right? Whether it is or isn't, is a personal theory. I want Sock to be a real character because he's my favourite, so we can prove that. If you want, we can have theories checked on the talk page, before going onto the real one.

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