Hi everyone. Its that time of week wehere a new theory is suggested. However this one is more of a question about heather.                                                                                                                                           Is She Alive Or Dead?

In The Raposa World She Died When Mike Woke Up From His Coma. She Vanished With Everyone Else And Said Bye To Mike

However in the human world she is safe living in care with her brother.

So Is She Alive Or Dead?

It is possible that the two heathers were the same person. In This case she is alive and well living in the human race.

Or was raposa heather differennt from the real heather? In this case she is dead.

Heather could be a resemblance to mike's sister who died. Or Maybe their the same person who are alive and well.

Hopefully she's alive so we at least have one ssurvivor. As well as mike. So yeah.

Write your thoughts in the comments below.

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