Ok, I don't know how to make a poll and both me and Ta both want different ways of doing pages. I said all enemies should have their own page, and she said they should all be on one page. It's basically a comment vote, you can write which idea you prefer in the comments. But be honest. Also if anyone if 5 years old, then they have broken the wiki rules, by a lot. It is 13+, so if you are 5, can you leave? (Lol, no I don't know if you were joking for real). Anyway, the vote is between the following editors.

The Mega Lettuce (Me) Clayblob TemporalApperation Magicalchez (If you're not busy) Clawson265 (Seriously are you 5?lol) Architect Visionary (If you're still active, if not I'll give you a shout don't worry)

Ok, post your comments in.

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