Hi guys. So lately I've been thinking about progress for the Wiki. The main number one issue is that we don't get any readers. So for this reason all the work we do is for nothing. So we need to get more people to come to the wiki.

This I admit has been a problem since the start. But I am unsure how to fix it. If we get more readers the site will be more popular.

There are many issues why we don't get many readers as we all know.

Yes this problem has been going on forever but we've never found a solution 2 it. So I think now we really need to act and get more readers.

Any ideas?

PS: A Second admin might be a good idea. MC is a great admin but unactive. Which is only unfortunate because he is amazing at wikias but sadly cannot attend this one. We need someone as good as him who is also active.

See ya Guys Around

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