Village Hall







Name Village Hall
Type Government
Use Acts as a central meeting place for villagers
Location Raposa Village
Creation No
Owner Mayor
Residents None
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Village Hall is a building in Drawn to Life meant to be a centralized point of meeting, storehouse for The Book of Life and, later in the game, a way of telling time through use of the clock. The Village Hall is one of the first buildings the player sees after drawing The Hero and is where the Mayor most often resides after he is rescued from the first "tutorial" level. After every level, the rescued Raposa will return to Village Hall to speak with the Mayor before he places the returned page in the Book of Life. After the festival takes place, the Mayor will ask The Creator to draw clock hands to fix the clock on the tower portion.

TowerIcon AppearanceEdit

The Village Hall is a tall, tower-like building with an orange pyramid roof with slight upward curves at the vertices. A blue valance canopy is above the entrance; and there are two chimneys on the building.

Question Trivia Edit

  • It has been shown that both The Mayor and Mari occasionally store the Book of Life inside.
    • Although, Mari also states that she always keeps it close.
  • The Mayor spent most of his time near the Village Hall.
  • Out of the five different color palettes that the Village Hall uses the "Raining" palette isn't used again.
  • Despite popular belief, the Village Hall isn't at the center of the village.
    • Instead, the center is a tree between the village stage and Cookie's restaurant. [1]
  • It is implied the Hero lives here as the player spawns under it when the game starts.
  • A small portion on the right side of the roof is missing.
    • This could simply be a glitch.
  • There is a slight texture alteration during rain in the village.
  • Moss starts to grow on the building after the sun is returned.
    • In Drawn To Life: The Next Chapter there is significantly less moss than before.
  • In Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter the Village Hall takes a more isometric style.
  • In Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter the clock is replaced with a bell.
    • This is probably because in the first game, the player draws the clock, but in The Next Chapter, the player does not even get to draw their hero until Turtle Rock, let alone anything else.  The Hall is also not even seen after this point, since Wilfre drains the color from the Village.
    • The blue canopy's design is also slightly changed.
  • (Excluding trees) The Village Hall is the third building to lose color, after the Creation Hall and the Eternal Flame Pedestal.


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