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Don't worry, Mari. The Hero will get [Wilfre's Journal] back!


Wilfre's Lair is the sixth and final level of Shadow City and the twelfth level of the game overall. It is the first Boss level in the game.

Book Icon.png Story

Jowee and the Hero report back to Mari and Circi about the shadowy figure running away with a book. Circi claims that it must've been Wilfre's Journal, hastily claiming for certain that "WILFRE HAS RETURNED!" Mari then sends the Hero into Wilfre's Lair to retrieve it.

Eventually, the Hero comes across a room with a giant ink vat with Wilfre's Journal resting on top of it. When the Hero collects the journal, the vat begins to burst, and Shadow begins to fill the room. The Hero climbs up the tower, and eventually comes to a clearing. When the shadow gets to the clearing, it comes to a halt, and the Boss rises out of the shadow. It will attack the Hero and eventually exhaust itself, revealing it's weak spot, the Boss' Breakfast attached to the end of its tongue. The Hero attacks it and the Shadow begins to rise again until they reach another clearing. The Hero attacks the new weak spot, the shadow rises again to a final clearing, the tip of the tower, attacks the final weak spot, and defeats the Boss. The Hero then finds a Pen and Pencil suspended in midair, and collects them before returning to Raposa Village.

BakiIcon.png Enemies

StarWii.png Challenges

  • Find Wilfre's Journal (Story Challenge)
  • Capture 10 Masked Bonobo (Cricket's Challenge)

WiiCanvas.png Creations


Boss' Breakfast

Boss' Lunch

Boss' Dinner

This list only includes creations that are first drawn, or can be redrawn, within this level.

StampIsaacShopWii.png Stamps

Down Eyebrows
Shadow Bat


  • This is the only level in Shadow City to not follow the naming convention of "Shadow [word]."
  • This is the only level in the four gates to have a Boss, being the Boss.
  • One of the stamps found in this level is of the Mayor's monocle. This could be a reference to a plot point in the first game, as Wilfre killed the Mayor.

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