Name Wings
Use Allows The Hero to reach higher areas
Creation Type Utility
Has Preset No
Template Needed No
Created In/After Forest Gate
Game(s) Dtl1LogoThumb

Draw a pair of wings to soar through the sky!

–Drawing Prompt

Wings are needed to progress in Twilite Woods, the first level in the Forest Gate, and all the Forest Gate levels afterwards. Wings help The Hero make extremely high jumps to get around the treetops in the Forest Gate. By using Wings, The Hero can also glide, not only on air currents that push them around, but also just as a way of slowing down their fall and controlling where they land.

TowerIcon Appearance

Due to the Wings being a creation object and having no pre-drawn preset or guide, the appearance of this object is completely dependent on the player.

However, they are still confined to two rectangular areas.

AButton Levels

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PaintingIcon Media

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