Wishing Well







Name Wishing Well
Type Magic (Presumed)
Use Gives The Hero extra coins, lives and other rewards
Acts as a transport to the Secret Village
Location Village
Creation No
Owner None
Residents None
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If I had 10,000 Rapo coins, I would just throw them all in the well!
...Maybe something fun would happen!


The Wishing Well is an object and location in Drawn to Life found in the southern-most section of the village.

The Wishing Well appears to have magical properties and will often give back up to five times the amount of money tossed in, along with other various prizes (for example, extra lives, color palettes, stamps, songs, and ability moves). Along with using the well to obtain extra coins and other rewards, The Hero can use it to gain access to the Developer's Grove if they deposit the full amount of 10,000 Rapo-Coins.

TowerIcon Appearance

Unlike traditional wishing wells in real life, the Wishing Well in Drawn to Life has no visible water. Instead, it consists of a square half-wall with steps leading up to it on one side. A rotated rectangular monument with a green plant growing on the top rests in the center of the Well.

Question Trivia

  • The Well may have once had the ability to pump water and fill the basin; this is supported by the openings on the rectangular monument.
  • The darkness is cleared from the Well at the same time as Isaac's Shop.
  • Mari seems to have a lot of fond memories about this object, as she mentions it twice in the game; both times she was with Jowee.
    • Mari said Jowee once threw in one coin and received five in return.
  • If the player tosses in 10,000 Rapo-Coins they will receive 1,001 coins along with plenty of other prizes.
  • Mari hints about the benefits of throwing 10,000 coins in the Well earlier in the game.
  • The Raposa may view this object as something special that should not be messed with; as The Mayor becomes angry when Mari and Jowee play near it or throw coins in as children.
    • However, there are other explanations for this; he may have thought they would fall in and hurt themselves, or did not want them playing around an old object that they may cause damage to.
  • The wishing wells sprite is reffered to as "Maninwell" within Drawn to Life's code.

PaintingIcon Media

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